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Connected Vehicles - a Big Data Privacy Risk

The questions posed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in US Congress a few weeks ago were wide ranging questions and indicated a growing concern in an expedited technology based and connected society.  User data is not just being collected by computer inputs, but also in virtually every mode of transportation as well.  Risks related to the "connected vehicle" technology are especially great as these vehicles gather data on location and driving habits which will have a huge value to advertisers. 

Vulnerabilities to hackers and data abusers will grow particularly given the fact that many internet of things ("IoT") devices, including vehicles, did not contemplate the proper security controls.  Imagine the high risk if a hacker can access a car's mechanics and stop vehicles, hold passengers for ransom or manipulate vehicles to cause fatalities.

So far the IoT tech industry has enjoyed enormous freedom from a U.S. Congress that is averse to regulating new technologies.  However, are the tides turning?  With the safety risks and recent user data breaches, regulations may be coming.  Congress has proposed regulations governing IoT technology, and is currently contemplating the Privacy "Bill of Rights", but none have become law yet.  


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