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MZ Congressional Testimony - Algorithm Development

On April 10 and 11, during the congressional hearings, Mark Zuckerberg was asked a series of questions related to algorithms and how such algorithms are used to manipulate content that users see.   The concern is that content is manipulated for the purpose of swaying the users views on various topics.  A study had been done that indicated tremendous bias against conservative views and content and more favorable content toward liberal views. 

Given this study, and apparent bias, Facebook was asked who develops the algorithms and whether there are internal directives to include bias?  Facebook was asked what they are specifically doing about this problem and to go back and look to determine whether there was bias in the algorithms.

Again, this points toward a general concern that users' content is chosen for them to sway their views while MZ repeatedly assured congress that the platform is a platform for all ideas connecting people all around the world. 

Will tech companies that provide a public forum and content need to adhere to regulations about its algorithms and how they are used to present content?  Given this line of questioning, I think we will see some regulative solutions related to the policies around developing algorithms and their use in the bills that will be presented.