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Key Elements of Data Privacy - A Periodic Table

The speed and breadth of the data privacy movement make it difficult to keep up.  To help manage this, Calligo, built a Periodic Table of Data Privacy.  It depicts the 118 most critical “elements” of data privacy.  These 118 elements are constantly changing and one could argue over which are the most critical.  However, what this tool provides is a visual depiction of 118 elements and how they relate to each other and our understanding of privacy data.  Calligo released the first version of the table and requested feedback from privacy professionals as to which 118 were the most critical.  They have since released the second version and are working on the third version.  As new laws are introduced, these elements will continue to evolve as will our understanding of data privacy.  Click the image below for the latest periodic table.

Latest Calligo Periodic Table

Latest Calligo Periodic Table

Have you tackled all 118 elements in your data privacy strategy?  Do you agree with the 118 elements?  What do you think is missing?  Give us your comments below.  If you’d like help implementing these 118 elements plus the many more that didn’t make the table, comment below or reach out to us.

Written by Emily McNeeley, CIPP/US, Attorney, Intuitive Edge Team