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Want to Be a Rockstar Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing Executive?

First, let’s consider a scenario. Imagine you are a career serial anonymous hacker being paid a lot of money by a bad guy with an end goal of running a particular person’s car off the road. Note that any car made after 2016 can be taken over by a hacker while someone is driving it.

You notice a very large and intricate supply chain with key connections at a particular hospital. You decide to hack into one of its suppliers, BandCo, who is supplying medical supplies to this hospital. The medical supply purchase is invoiced to the hospital from BandCo which allows you to then access the hospital’s system. The hospital routinely processes invoices to include InsuranceCo, so through the hospital system, you, the hacker, can jump over to InsuranceCo’s system. Once you are in InsuranceCo’s system you have access to MANY companies and anyone connected to their network. From there you access information inside MotorCo’s network. Now you have information on certain drivers. You are now able to get into the targeted victim’s car system and remotely drive the car off a cliff. Target eliminated, mission accomplished. MotorCo receives very bad publicity putting their sales at risk.

Sound far-fetched? This is a simplified example, but it illustrates how everything is connected. Virtually all software applications today are vulnerable. Basically, hackers can get into multiple companies’ networks by following a supplier invoice. There are many examples of this in the news with entities like Amazon, State of Maryland, and many more where personal data has been jeopardized. To curb or eliminate this huge vulnerability, it has become necessary for Supply Chain Executives to truly understand cyber-security. In fact, according to Philip Abraham, Supply Chain and Cyber-security Expert, Supply Chain executives #1 priority right now should be to fix the security issues and rewrite all the supplier contracts to reflect the new security requirement. It is imperative that they be proactive in putting new systems and contracts in place.

Click here to view a podcast interview with Philip Abraham who talks in detail about this problem and recommends solutions. I recommend you listen to this podcast in its entirely, it just gets better and better. Be a rockstar!

- Philip Abraham

Lisa ScottComment