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Learning about Leadership through Basketball

Sports and business are one in the same and smart entrepreneurs learn from all areas of the world. Mark Cuban would argue that sports are business, and he wouldn't be wrong. It is always wise to learn from the past and to learn what mistakes not to make. In order to learn you have to turn your eyes on those who are succeeding, but especially those who have succeed after walking a hard road and overcoming obstacles. The Golden State Warriors' head coach Steve Kerr knows a lot about success as both an athlete and a coach in the NBA. 

He recently did an interview recently with the San Francisco Chronicle where he discussed the Warriors' future plans and his leadership style. He discussed how in order to continue to be successful and an NBA Finals contender you have to constantly be editing/improving/innovating.

"I do think in order to keep their interest, and to keep them fresh, we’ve got to change some aspects of our routine, and we’ll see what that means. Could mean altering or even getting rid of shootarounds, (or) only having shootarounds occasionally. Could mean changing the structure of practice, changing the amount of time we’re on the floor, maybe mixing up some different drills."

He noted that as teams (businesses) get better players and start to up the ante, that's when good leadership is more important than ever. "Do you know the last time a team went to the Finals five years in a row?...None of the modern-era iconic teams have done it. Not the Bulls, Spurs, Lakers, Celtics of the ’80s. There’s a reason. It’s a difficult challenge. Summers get shorter and shorter, teams are getting better and better. The motivation to get the first championship is palpable every single day during the season, and after you win a few it’s harder to generate that same type of energy and enthusiasm. And that’s where the coaching creativity comes into play, and that’s when your internal (player) leadership comes into play."

Take a page from coach Kerr and innovate, change up your routine, add employees who can make a difference and pay them well, then make sure you have a good leadership team in place to hone those skills and keep your motivated.

Written by Intuitive Edge Team

Lisa ScottComment