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The Color Teal - The Intuitive Way Forward

Colors Have Meaning – We Choose Teal – The Intuitive Way Forward

Intuitive Edge uses Teal as the main color in its marketing materials and logo.  Teal is part of the Turquoise family along with Aqua and Aquamarine, however Teal is the more sophisticated version that signifies trustworthiness and reliability while promoting advanced intuition and commitment.  Teal has the ability to identify the way forward, the way to success, balancing the pros and cons of any situation.  A perfect fit for the way Intuitive Edge approaches its services and supports its customers.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 11.32.48 AM.png

To go into a bit more detail, the word Teal comes from the bird in the duck family that sports this beautiful color on its head.  The color Teal is a combination of blue and a small amount of yellow providing a deep color that is between blue and green.  We emphasize the heavy green type of Teal in our color scheme.  The green is important because it represents balanced growth; one of our key objectives when working with our customers.   At the same time, the blue radiates calm and tranquility that is reassuring when dealing with the stress of deadlines and large volumes of difficult contract language.  The yellow provides an energy that is uplifting and inspirational which for us, promotes collaborative and diligent work. 

If you focus on this color, it can bring feelings of calmness or rejuvenation.  It can also be a helpful color when going through times of mental or physical stress because it helps with clear thinking and decision-making.  At a practical level, it assists in the development of organizational and management skills through influence rather than preaching and demanding, another important aspect of a successful change management approach utilized by Intuitive Edge.