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Top 3 Traits Entrepreneurs Attribute to Their Success recently did a survey where they asked the nation's fastest growing, private-company CEOs what top-3 qualities contributed to their success. Luck, likability, and salesmanship were surprisingly the bottom three. The top-3 are outlined below:

1. Vision. A clear vision helps everyone achieve more, but a clear vision is mandatory for entrepreneurs. Everyone in the organization along with potential customers need to understand the vision. They need to know what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. An entrepreneur must focus, they can't be everything for everyone. Sometimes processes and activities need to be outsourced to those more well-equipped to handle them. A strong vision helps a company run more efficiently and successfully.

2. Risk-taking. Without risk, a business can never be born. It takes risk to be an entrepreneur and sometimes failure comes along as well, but you miss all shots you don't take. While entrepreneurs are risk-takers, they don't take unnecessary risk and they minimize as much risk as possible. Taking risks and taking calculated well-thought-out risks are two separate types of risk. Be the risk-taker, but take prudent risks.

3. Determination. Starting a business is hard, grueling, and sometimes overwhelming. However, determination and grit help you plow through disappointments. Stay determined, stick to your convictions, and work hard. Don't quit, but push through those tough times and you might just find success.

Written by Intuitive Edge Team


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