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Living an Easy, Stress-Free Life Won't Make You Happier

The title to this article seems counter intuitive, but a 95-year Stanford study begs to differ. A Stanford psychologist named Terman revised an I.Q. test and he identified 1,500 children who scored 135 or higher on the test and the study began. Thrive Global put it perfectly when they said, "Analyzing large groups of people over many decades allows researchers to uncover connections between cause and effect that short-term studies naturally miss." 

According to The Longevity Project:

We did not find that precisely living out your dreams matters much for your health. It was not the happiest or the most relaxed older participants who lived the longest. It was those who were most engaged in pursuing their goals.

Those who were the most successful were the ones least likely to die at any given age. In fact, those men who were carefree, undependable, and unambitious in childhood and very unsuccessful in their careers had a whopping increase in their mortality risk.

The study showed those who actively pursued their goals and where highly engaged in the pursuit tended to live longer and more fulfilling lives. It didn't matter if those individuals actually achieved their goals or not, it was the pursuit that really mattered. Start pursuing and fully engaging in the pursuit of your goals whether it be personal or professional, and you might see a happier and more fulfilled self-looking back at you in the mirror. 

Written by Intuitive Edge Team

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