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Treat Both Customers and Employees Well and It Could Pay Off

When you don't treat customers well then your business suffers, but companies don't realize the same thing happens when employees aren't treated well. A recent study by a February 2016 issue of Journal of Marketing Research "Cross-Validation of Customer and Employee Signals and Firm Valuation" reported that achievements with customers have a stronger impact on stock market valuation when the company also has achievements with employees. 

Achievements with your customers and employees can run you an 11% higher valuation than firms with no achievements or firms with achievements with one group but not the other. This percentage difference ‚Äútranslates into $1.1 billion, based on an average market cap of $10 billion for the S&P 2000." 

The bottom line is when companies are treating their employees well the outside world including customers can see it. When a company is treating both customers and employees well the impacts both culturally and monetarily go way up.

Written By Intuitive Edge Team

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