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3 Simple Ways to Delegate Your Workload and Become More Efficient

On average, individuals have a few things in which they greatly excel and other areas where they manage, but aren't extremely effective. When you are a leader, you must know when to delegate tasks to individuals who have the appropriate competencies. You must also know how to delegate effectively or your workforce will be unmotivated and thus inefficient. In's article, Delegation Is an Art (and Here Are 9 Simple Ways to Do It Better), author Peter Economy lays out ways to effectively delegate tasks. I picked out the three that resonated with me the most.

1. Give employees the authority they need to get the job done. Almost anyone who has been in corporate America has had the manager or supervisor who delegates tasks to their employees and gives them no tools in which to be successful. Usually this then leads to frustration for the employee and the manager which in turn breeds contempt and resentment. This is no way to gain respect as a leader and this is a sure fire way to make the environment ripe for turnover. Be sure to give the proper tools and authority to the individuals to which you are delegating tasks.

2. Consider the skills and interests of your people. Another important factor to consider when delegating are the core competencies of the your employees along with their current workloads and success rates. You don't want to set your employees up for failure by assigning them tasks completely outside their wheelhouses. Nor do you want to delegate tasks to your rising stars who already have full plates. Delegating tasks to the right individuals will help prevent burnout, inefficiency, and a lack of empowerment. 

3. Always provide feedback. Even though you aren't doing the tasks completely yourself anymore, delegating doesn't mean being completely absent from the task. Providing both positive and negative feedback to the individuals in which you delegated a task is important. Rewarding hard work, diligence, and excellence show employees that increased responsibility and good work can lead to rewards and praise.

Written By Intuitive Edge Team

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