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Improve Yourself With These 3 Tips

So many people are looking for ways to improve themselves and they usually revolved around eating healthy and exercising. Fewer people, however, sit down and try to improve their inner workings and their interactions with those around them. A recent article expounded upon self-improvement hacks that don't involve eating differently or adding cardio into your life. I picked out 3 tips I found most fascinating and easiest to institute into a routine.

1. Express more gratitude. Figure out who in your life, whether it be your work life or personal life, makes you feel grateful and specifically write down who they are and what they have done for you. Your next step is to express sincere gratitude to them in some form. You can send them an edible arrangement and express your gratitude in a card, you can call them on the phone, or send them an email explaining why you are so grateful to them and thanking them for all they do.

2. Practice forgiveness. A UC Berkeley study found forgiveness helping in the workplace, "forgiveness was linked to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism (fewer days missing work), and fewer mental and physical health problems, such as sadness and headaches." It is not just a good policy to forgive, but science is proving it is better to forgive than hold a grudge.

3. Forget time management--be a good manager of "self." A lot of individuals have a hard time prioritizing themselves. This can lead to depression, lack of motivation, and general apathy. Some tips for prioritizing self are saying "no" to activities you don't truly want to attend, starting and endings meetings on time, and stopping the multi-tasking.

These are some easy life hacks that can make you a happier and better version of you. Try these out and see how improving your inner self is just as important as, if not more important than, improving your outer self.

Written by Intuitive Edge Team

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