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Can one email increase new employee's productivity by 25%?

Turnover rates of new employees happen at a rate of 20% within the first 45, according to consulting company O.C. Tanner. The numbers continue to be disturbing as time elapses with 23% of new employees quitting before their first anniversary and 31% quitting before their 6-month anniversary, according to Allied Workforce Mobility and BambooHR, respectively. So, how can you stop these turnovers? Well, Google found a way to help new employees become 25% more effective in their roles by sending one simple email to their managers. For reference, a Noogler is a new Google employee.

It included the following checklist: 

1.     Have a role-and-responsibilities discussion. 

2.     Match your Noogler with a peer buddy. 

3.     Help your Noogler build a social network. 

4.     Set up onboarding check-ins once a month for your Noogler's first six months. 

5.     Encourage open dialogue.

While this list seems a little simplistic, it helped new employees immensely. Having new employees feel completely competent in their roles decreases their need to seek new employment. Understanding your role as a new employee allows you to feel effective and not have the stress of drowning at your tasks. Try implementing a version of this email for your onboarding process and see how it can help your new employees feel right at home in your organization and increase their productivity. 

Written by Alex Sinatra, Associate General Counsel, Intuitive Edge-Your Contracts Solution

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