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Headquartered in Frisco, TX, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States located near the Dallas metroplex, Intuitive Edge engages with businesses and organizations to optimize their contracts functions.  Our firm is unique because we offer many of the contracts services you might find at a law firm and mix it with vast business experience that not only includes expertise in written agreements but also process improvement, people development and change management.  This combination not only helps you navigate legal issues but also bridges gaps between departments, reduces your risks, manages growth and empowers your people. 

Our team is comprised of consultant attorneys, contracts management experts, vendor management specialists, administrative specialists and paralegals.  We have a wealth of experience working with large corporations, small businesses and public entities.  We are here to help you establish, improve and optimize your contracts function in order to enable an infrastructure and foundation that allows you to stay focused on growing your business. 

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Privacy rights in particular are a hot issue right now.  Don't be exposed to fines and litigation due to non-compliance and/or lack of proper contract language.  The EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), the world's most comprehensive privacy law, went into effect on May 25, 2018 and the US is re-examining its coverage of data privacy protections.  If you are concerned about whether you are adequately complying with privacy rights regulations or need an independent audit or gap assessment, don't waste any time and click below, provide the requested information and we will get in touch with you.




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The world of written contracts, how we write them and how we enter into them is changing fast with new technologies.  It is easier than ever to set up standards and ways of working that enable maximum efficiency.  We provide business solutions and hands-on teams to assess and address gaps in your contracts management function or compliance activities.  Using our proprietary approach called OASIS, we help our customers identify a strategy to add value to their contracts through improved systems, compliance, and simplified procedures for better management and the ability to avoid high cost fines and litigation.


We offer enhanced contracts services using secure cloud-based technology that is simple to use and fast.  Intuitive Edge, through its partners, will help organizations better navigate their agreements, documents and related activities.  Our solutions do not require continuous training because they are put on the most user-friendly platforms available in the market.  Efficiency is not jeopardized because documents are downloaded and uploaded quickly.  Combined with our services, we can execute a clean slate by getting our customers off legacy systems and onto a new, more effective platform.  


We offer you the ability to outsource all or part of your contracts administration or vendor management activities.  Our services include secure cloud document storage, updates, amendments and interface with third parties to prevent items from slipping through the cracks.  You receive a live detailed report, monthly summaries and quarterly collaboration reviews to stay on top of your contracts portfolio.


Due to the international nature of many businesses, we also provide translation services for translation of any document including templates, policies or handbooks into any language.  Our training programs can also be produced in any language for both the written material and voice-overs.  Pricing is based on language and number of words, however a software is used to track previously translated words and phrases, so the more you translate with us, the more money you will save. 


Our in-person training courses are customized and full of engaging activities.  We incorporate techniques to help the audience retain what they learn.  Real life examples are utilized in order to be applied to actual work activities.  Our trainers have unique backgrounds and experience that contribute to a fun and interesting experience.  Through our In2Edge Video Productions Division, we also develop customized on-line training modules or instructional videos for web-based training programs.  Videos may also be used as introductory materials for newly established platforms or informational material.


We offer cost effective annual packages that help small businesses form their business as well as establish contracts foundations that enable growth and protect business interests.  Our packages include company formation services, templates, negotiation support, administrative services and cloud-based document storage.  We also offer various training sessions to help business owners understand various topics related to business ownership, certifications and contracts.


services summary

Contracts Optimization Consulting

Audits, Assessments & Reports

Regulatory Compliance

Privacy Rights

Corporate Governance

Policy and Procedure Development

Acquisition, Divestiture, Restructuring Contract Transitions

Contract Standardization

Procurement Packages

Vendor Information Management Platform

Document Tracking & Administration Services

Contract Review, Drafting and Negotiation Support

Training, Workshops & Video Production

Change Management

Language Translation


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
— Hans Hofmann


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Intuitive Edge is not a law firm, but rather a business consulting firm helping companies with the full scope of its contract activities from processes to drafting, review and negotiation that rely on industry standards and business experience.